Van Khe Apartment – Ha Dong

(13:51 | 24-01-2015)
Address: CT4 – Van Khe new town – Ha Dong
Area: 120 m2
General introduction: This project locates in Van Khe new town – Ha Dong that is one of the new and modern new towns in Hanoi City.
Comfort - Friendly
To make his apartment more comfort and luxury, the owner selected Bkav SmartHome solution. This house is equipped with SmartHome features such as the automatic lighting control system when there is a person, heater automatically turns on/off when they wake up and go home from their workplace. The sound system automatically plays ballad music when there is a family reunion. The curtain system will understand the owners' habits to close when they enjoy a movie. All features bring the house interesting utilities because all members are taken care thoughtful and whole-hearted and have more time together after hours of hard work. The system operation is so simple even with kids. With just a button on visual 3D screen or the control panel mounted into the wall, all demands of his family are met immediately without any difficulty. The visual 3D interface control system brings familiar and friendly for all members from space, color to images of each room and device in the house.
Use effectively
Many people think that SmartHome will make their house using more power than usual. However, the owner says that SmartHome helps to manage power and save costs for his family monthly. Every device in the house are only turned on when there are real demands and automatically turned off if unnecessary. That brings the maximum power savings for devices when not in use such as the lighting system, heater, air conditioner or television.
Besides requirements mentioned above, the project is equipped by default the high-end technology of Bkav SmartHome such as 3D visual interface, smart contextual scenarios, learning owner's habits.